Monday, May 14, 2007

FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 8 days of hellish withdrawals from the total abstinence after my taper, I am now free from withdrawals! I made it! Done for good. Forever and ever amen. I am so happy for a loving God who delivers us from all maladies as He sees fit. At this point I want to publicly thank Jesus and the Holy Spirit whom without their constant closeness along with Jehova ( I am not a Jehova's Witness), I would not be writing this note of history in the life of Eric J. Moen. I owe a great prayerful debt to those who prayed for me when things looked bleak. Thank you Karlene, Sharon, Gregory, Scott and my Mom, et. al.. Thanks to all who were pulling for me. If anyone reads this testament of deliverance, let it be known that nothing in life is impossible. Honestly, the mornings gave me the most trouble. Approximately 4-6 hours of anguish at the worst points. I could have been easier on myself if I tapered over a much longer period of time. This isn't my style; perhaps I am masochistic. With Spring and Summer approaching, I wanted to be Methadone free for mental clarity as I knew that I was going to buy a motorcycle. I picked the shortest distance between two points. I say this to encourage other Methadone users to try to quit at a more leisurely pace. At a much more moderate taper, withdrawals can even be averted. The dragon has been slayed. I feel free at last!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done...
How are you feeling now, almost 3 months on?
Would you care to give us an update?

Eric Moen said...

It has been a while since I looked at my blog. I responded to you through an additional blog. In case you haven't read it, I was doing great. It is now Oct.10 '07. The cravings have left me completely. Thank you for your inquiry. No relapses. - Eric